About Us

Blacking is the leader of Auto Merchant accounts, tinting and Car Wrapping! For over 10 years dealing with the sale and application of approved sunscreen films are ideal for both the automotive industry and for the building. The professionalism and seriousness have allowed Blacking proven to differentiate themselves from competitors, becoming a reference point for prestigious clients such as architectural firms, large car dealers, construction companies, clothing stores, showrooms, galleries and private. The team offers an efficient installation service at home films throughout northern Italy, particularly in the provinces of Milan, Varese, Lodi and Pavia.

The complete range of security films is certified and available in various shades, drapes that is transparent, to protect against glass breakage, deterioration of the interior and, not least, to safeguard your privacy! The in-depth product knowledge and expertise gained in the installation allow Blacking to apply the protective films on surfaces of various forms and sizes: windows, bodywork and bumpers of cars, buses and campers; windows and windows of buildings; shop windows and more.

Blacking has specialized also in the car wrapping in Milan and in Lombardy: the innovative technique of color change by coating with self adhesive films, which allows complete customization without intervening painting the body. The Car Wrapping is a very durable system, amazing looking aesthetic and able to protect the body from scratches and wear.


The goal of Blacking is always the total satisfaction of customers, offering a valuable service for each installation of solar protection film or wrap car. The many satisfied customers (who constantly rely on Blacking) are the best advertisement for the company, as well as the testimony of the quality of service offered. Blacking for the future include the expansion of the entire national territory, with a constant renewal of skills and introduction of new value-added services.

“Blacking dominates the light!”