Suggestions On Finding The Top Top Divorce Attorneys In Columbus Ohio Today

If you are at a point in your life where you will need to get a divorce, you will also need an attorney. Although many people have good intentions about making the entire process as smooth as possible, emotions tend to flare up. You might be dealing with someone that is upset with you because you no longer want to be married to them, and they are going to make this very difficult. If that is the case, you will certainly need to consider retaining a family law attorney that is in Columbus that can help you from start to finish. Here are a few suggestions on how you will be able to find a family law attorney that can help you with your divorce.

Attributes Of A Quality Lawyer

You will want to search for lawyers that have years of experience in the industry. They should specialize in family law. Additionally, lawyers should also be empathetic to your side of the story, and you should sense this while you are speaking with them. You need to feel confident that they understand your side, and that they are going to do everything that they can to represent you. Once you have found a couple lawyers that look promising, it simply comes down to timing and price.

What Will They Be Able To Do For You?

They will be able to represent you before a judge, but their initial services will be in the form of counseling. The judge will always demand that you see a mediator before it comes to the courtroom. If that does not work, then they will have to see you in court and that is where the lawyer will begin to really display his or her skills. Prior to court, however, they will have spent an incredible amount of time doing research, getting documentation ready, and also preparing for your case. They will help with the division of assets, child custody, alimony, child support, and various other financial matters. They will make sure that you understand what could possibly happen so that you are always prepared for potential outcomes.


After you have found a lawyer that can help you, you should retain them as quickly as possible. The sooner that you are able to have them prepare for your case, the higher the probability that the outcome will be in your favor. There is always the possibility that the judge may have to make the final ruling because neither party can settle out of court. It is simply necessary to have a family law attorney working with you if your spouse has not been agreeable. Once it is over, you will have a conclusion to this matter which will divide everything up as equally as possible. Child visitation can even be set up by working with your lawyer. Use these tips to find one of the top divorce attorneys in Columbus Ohio so that you can complete your divorce.

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How To Buy A Used Car Even With Bad Credit

car keys

Have you recently found yourself in need of, or simply desirous of a used (also known as ‘pre-owned’) car but face problems with less than good credit? Kelley Buick GMC has a solution for you, so read on.


Generally, finance companies and banks limit access to funds allocated for auto purchases to those with good to great credit but don’t give up just yet. There are aggressive dealers who have partnered with financial sources who are willing to take on the higher risk customer base in many circumstances.


In today’s climate, there are those lenders who understand ‘life happens’ and bad circumstances don’t make you a bad person. The people at Kelley want you to know that buying a used car in Lakeland Florida is possible; even with bad credit.


Your credit score is referred to as FICO score. Its information is gathered by the Fair Isaac Corporation, in cooperation with the three reporting credit bureaus; Equifax, Transunion and Experian. Your rankings are in part determined by a score that each of these places on your credit rating. They can and do vary report to report and some financial institutes will weigh one heavier than another and some will average them, just depends on lending policies. Another reason to work with experts as they are familiar with lending practices of their banking partners and save you time and energy. Finding appropriate funds for your purchase can be exhausting but it certainly does not have to be with the right financing liaison – preferably an outfit who keeps their finger on the pulse of the local and national lending climate.


This chart gives a current scale of how your score rates in the eyes of lenders and also affects whether you can get a loan, and at what interest and terms the loan can be secured.


Excellent Credit – 750+

Good Credit – 700-749

Fair Credit – 650-699

Poor Credit – 600-649

Bad Credit – below 600


Poor and Bad Credit Affects A Car Loan


The very best rates and programs are reserved for Excellent credit ratings, so 750 and above get those fancy deals you see advertised. It can take years and quite a credit history to gain access to low rates and those 0% deals you see while watching your favorite television shows. In some states where interest rates are not regulated tightly your rates can range into the 20’s and even the 30’s for very marginal to poor credit. This means paying a lot of money, for the privilege of borrowing money. Finance companies manage risk so the higher the risk the higher they need to charge to cover for the calculated ‘bad paper’ (people who do not repay the loan). Nobody wants to recover cars from bad loans but it happens and high rates for potentially riskier borrowers are how a bank balances the profits and losses.


Also, considered along with rates are the type of work you do and it has its own rating scale the banks use. How long have you been at your job? Where do you live, and do you own home or rent it; and how long have you resided there? Lenders will ask for references and they must feel they can reach you if needed. If it looks like you have a solid foundation, that will bode well for you, but obviously, if you look like a flight risk, not so much.


Be Honest With Them And With Yourself


Pretending you have a job or lying about any part of your application is 100% the wrong way to go about correcting the situation you are in. Be honest with your representative and he or she will be able to guide you much better. Also, you can’t fool the bank. They know you don’t have a car and need one so acting like you can afford anything on the lot isn’t helpful either. Set a realistic budget based on your current (not predicted) income and buy well within your means. You have maintenance and insurance to account for as well so be very critical of this process. Here is a great place to apply a principle that will help you get out of and stay out of this kind of trouble in the future….”Keep your promises, no matter what your personal situation may be.” In short, make your payments on time every time before they are due and develop your credit history up so the next time the process will be in your favor. It will carry over to other purchases like your home and furniture and credit cards so care for it as such.


One Option Is Buy Here/Pay Here


Some dealers will carry their own paper or write your loan right there where you buy the car. This is a great option for both the dealer and the customer when not many options are available. This should be the final option once you have exhausted all others. One benefit to using this option is, many dealers and financing companies report your payment history to credit bureaus, you should make sure they do

and check that they are doing so. It is not a mandate that a dealer does report so it’s up to you to make sure and investigate before signing the papers.


Do Your Homework


So now you have a budget and ready to move on to the next step. First thing is to find a trusted source; a dealer you can trust like Jarrett-Gordon Ford Davenport or Kelley Buick GMC. They will help you research the vehicles that fit not only your price range but also those that the banks will consider loaning money on. This process again does not have to be a pain. With the right people and your patience, it can not only be fun at the point of sale but can be fun months later when the buying excitement has worn off. Nothing worse than buying a car that doesn’t fit your needs or you paid too much or it had too many miles and now your budget has to double to maintain it. A little research goes a long way in the car buying experience.


Read Everything


Those pesky terms and conditions! It’s critical that you know what you bought and how you bought it. In short, know what you are paying for and to do that you need to read the agreement/contract and I mean read it. It is there to protect you and the seller and the financial institute as well. If you were

promised anything, get it in writing on the contract or a “we owe” type of document. Most dealers are upright and they work hard to keep you happy but you deserve what was agreed, and what was agreed needs to be in writing. That way if there is a “misunderstanding” it’s easy to go to the paperwork.


It is important that you must read all the terms and conditions before signing the contract as there may be some unknown conditions written in the contract which would create more challenges for you to cope with in addition to the situation as you are already facing. It is good for your satisfaction as well, and you can avoid any high-risk situations like payment penalties.


Buying A Used Car In Lakeland Fl


Car shopping and obtaining the vehicle of your dreams can be difficult but it’s more possible today with the great work done at Kelley Buick GMC and other Lakeland, Florida auto dealers who understand your situation and the banks’ needs. So, no more anxiety if you haven’t sufficient credit history or have had made some mistakes in the past that have brought your score down. There are several sources out there looking for your business and who can assist you in getting reliable transportation, even with some tainted history. It’s our highest recommendation you contact the dealers we suggested in this article to avoid the high costs of buy here pay here; regardless, that is always there as a last resort. Lastly, enjoy the new ride!

Merchant accounts and chargebacks

What is a merchant account?

Every transaction made with a credit card actually involve transfer of funds from the buyer to the merchant. A merchant account is a type of bank account that enables merchant to accept payment via credit and debit cards. This account is very important because it allows merchants to accept recurring credit card payment from their customers. Merchant account is recommend for growing businesses. It not only make financial transactions more efficient but it also convenient to customers.

Offshore Merchant Account Information

>>> State and Federal Filings: Articles of Incorporation

What is a chargeback?

Also known as reversal, chargeback is a form of customer protection given to cardholder by the issuing bank. Chargeback allows the cardholder to file for a complaint in case he/she notice any fraudulent transaction on their statement. Once the cardholder file for a complaint, the issuing bank usually start their investigation immediately and if the transaction is proven to be fraudulent, the bank will reverse the transaction to the cardholder.

If the merchant is not able to prove to the issuing bank the legitimacy of the transaction, the bank will reverse the entire value of the transaction and charge the merchant an additional fee which can range from $10 to $100 depending on the bank sponsoring the merchant account. On the other hand, if the complaint file by the cardholder is not proven to be true, the transaction will not be reversed but there will be additional processing fees.

Merchant accounts and chargebacks 

Payment processors and the partnering banks usually take a certain level or risk when providing merchant account for business. This is because every dollar transacted through their system could easily be reversed back leaving the bank responsible for the fund. For instance, if a business process a customer transaction through their merchant account but end up not delivering the product that the customer had ordered, the customer many issue chargeback so as to get a refund.


When opening a new merchant account, the bank usually access the risk associated with the new account. The bank will look at the possibility of chargebacks as well as the legitimacy of the business.


Reasons why merchant receive chargebacks

Upon opening up a merchant account, you need to know why merchant receive chargebacks. This will help you avoid them at all cost. Below are reasons for chargebacks.

1. Fraudulent transactions

This is the most common reason for chargebacks. It happens when credit card is used without the consent or authorization of the card holder.

2. Technical problem

If a technical problem occurs during the transaction process (between the merchant and the issuing bank). This problem can result the card holder to be charged twice for the same transaction.

3. Items not received

This is also one of the most common reason for chargebacks. If it happens that the merchant does not deliver items to the customer, the cardholder may file for a complaint and the merchant will pay accordingly.

4. Credit card not processed.

If the customer is not happy with the products and decides to return it to the merchant or if the cardholder receives items that he/she did not expect, the cardholder may request for transaction reversal. In this case the merchant will be held responsible.

Offshore Merchant Account Information

As you will have noticed, credit card use and online businesses have escalated when it comes to popularity. If you might be among the online merchants who just want the very best for your organisation, then it is best so that you can go for something which will enable you just to accept credit card payments faster and better.

One of the better and cost-efficient solutions could be to generate an offshore merchant account. Financial transactions using charge cards would not be possible with any merchant account; that is how important it is to any online business. This innovative mode of trading allows for its users to make the most of the account at any given time.

Offshore merchant account information helps you to do away from high taxes. Indeed, it will be a hundred percent tax-free. It provides you with the chance of cheaper products. Aside from that, they allow multicurrency accounts were paving the way for international marketing and trade.

An offshore merchant account also plays an important role for you as a customer to obtain higher potential. The account allows you to pitch your sales higher and reduce your operations expenses most especially in your tax obligations.

Offshore Merchant Account Information

Almost all offshore banks offer excellent services in comparison to domestic banks. The processes and guidelines are way simpler and easier than others. This is created possibly to draw in more clients to do banking with offshore banks. You won’t have any problem in the case of security. You also can rest assured that your account is protected with encryption and fraud protection systems all in the day.

If you can use this account, you’ve got the chance to offer your target clients the products they need at a less expensive amount. This will attract more customers plus your sales will increase in no time. Pharmacy merchant account is unquestionably perfect if you are interested in putting up an internet business so that your activities are always safe.

As you could see, one can have numerous benefits by signing up for an offshore merchant account. It provides optimum security including protection. You might also transact without limits. By using multi-currency trading, you can do business with those living across the seas besides many more advantages.

If you desire to start the online business using credit card processing machines and equipment, tend not to fail to look for a site that might present you with trustworthy service.

There is also a high-risk merchant account for those whose business is classified as high risk. It is best for your business type to be evaluated so you will know if you are a high-risk merchant.

Potential Advantages of offshore merchant account
There are some useful advantages with using an offshore merchant account. First, as mentioned, companies that cater to certain markets are practically ostracised by conservative domestic banks.

Processing payments offshore might be the only viable solution. Second, local banks will occasionally extend a merchant account contract to a “high risk” business, but they’ll place a ceiling on their sales volume. The reason they do this is to limit their exposure in the event of fraudulent activity.

Finally, using an offshore merchant account has different tax implications than using a domestic account. For example, a merchant account in Asia or the Caribbean will not carry the same tax consequences for sales that a local account would. Those countries have different taxation laws which are often favourable when compared to those within the U.S.

International Banking And Merchant Accounts

Technology has spread its influence into every aspect of current life and finance and present day banking cannot be thus let behind. There are a growing number of persons that are connected in export and international trading with some different countries all over the world.

An international merchant account gives an online business the freedom of accepting credit cards and currencies of various denominations. With an international merchant account, a business can receive payments from most countries in the world. The market situation is such that most online businesses operating outside some states are denied an appropriate international merchant account.

international banking and merchant accounts

As a result, they are incapable of utilizing this account to conduct electronic transfers. This prevents them from selling products, and this left a gap in the market for international based businesses to exploit.

The National Bankcard System changed all that. National Bankcard tied up with eCom Merchant Solutions to provide multi-currency payment processing with international merchant accounts. This made the process of getting an international merchant account much easier for most offshore online businesses.

Other features come with an international merchant account. These include e-commerce software like the shopping cart, inventory management, and fraud screening.


The internet is the best place to find an international account provider for your business. Check out the various deals that merchant service firms have to offer. Here are a few things to consider out for –

• Choose an account that suits your business needs.

• Most account providers charge high startup fees as a guarantee of partnership.

• Each provider has different services and uses different software. Check all of them out and weigh them.

• Check the contracts and terms before signing up.

• Check the legislation governing your type of business.

• The political stability of your targeted region.

• Banks that are willing to support your financial transactions.

The fact that you can tap the potential of a global audience is not the only benefit of these accounts.

• It enables a business to conduct banking globally.

• Once you have one of these accounts, the offshore banking rules change. They are less and more lenient.

• Your business will also have more relaxed account application policies and processing conditions.

• The webmaster does not need a corporate license is not required to setup a website.

• I.M accounts have cost management and fraud detection software among others.

The I.M account provider charge fees for processing payments. They accept and process payments through debit cards, credit cards, PDAs and mobile phones. The virtual terminal feature that is provided means that a business can conduct transactions 24×7. The business can be monitored through E-reporting and is protected with fraud detection and scam control software.

In conclusion, an International Merchant Account will help take your business to the next level i.e. global. There is also a high-risk account available which gives benefits like zero initial deposits, account security, reduced or zero taxes, quick payments, reliable payment gateway, e-commerce software like shopping cart and one click buy and a variety of other services.

Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing – Everything You Need To Know


Throughout the years, businesses all around the world have gone digital. By taking your business online, it is possible to expand your customer base and potentially increase the amount of profits generated. Of course, in order to fully capitalize on this endeavor, you need to familiarize with credit card processing, so you can accept card payments online. Within this guide, you will learn all about processing and accepting credit card payments over the Internet.


How It Works


Whether you’re interested in accepting credit card payments online or in your storefront, you should learn how the process works. Generally, most businesses will team up with a processor, who will handle the process for them. The majority of these entities will charge the business a minute fee for each individual transaction, but the fees can be very diverse from one processor to another. You should also know that the fee could vary depending on the type of transaction in question. For instance, online processing may be slightly more costly than in-store processing and vice versa.


What To Look For


When attempting to find a reliable credit card processing solution, you will need to analyze a handful of factors, in order to ensure you get the best rate possible. First and foremost, you should analyze the percentage per transaction. This could cost anywhere from 1 to 2% per card swipe. Some processors will also charge a minor fee per each transaction, with the average ranging between ten to twenty-five cents. Although the fees are minimal, they can become very substantial, with repeated transactions.


Other Potential Fees


Aside from the transactional fees, some processors will also tack on many other additional fees. Below, you will find a list of other fees, which may be applicable to you.


  • Cancellation or termination fees
  • An annual fee
  • Charges for batch transactions
  • Reporting fees
  • Authorization fees
  • Statement fees
  • Application charges
  • Chargeback fees


These fees may or may not be present. Paying an annual fee will oftentimes help to lower the individual transaction fee, so you should not immediately rule out processors, which charge each year or month. With this in mind, it is absolutely vital to shop around and examine all of your options, before finally settling for a credit card processor.




There is truly an abundance of processors out there and their fees will vary substantially. Do not rush this decision, as it can be very impactful on the amount of income you receive from each transaction. Make sure you take your time and analyze each and ever fee charged by all processors. After a bit of research, you will find a good, reliable processor, which offers the lowest and most favorable costs.