International Banking And Merchant Accounts

Technology has spread its influence into every aspect of current life and finance and present day banking cannot be thus let behind. There are a growing number of persons that are connected in export and international trading with some different countries all over the world.

An international merchant account gives an online business the freedom of accepting credit cards and currencies of various denominations. With an international merchant account, a business can receive payments from most countries in the world. The market situation is such that most online businesses operating outside some states are denied an appropriate international merchant account.

international banking and merchant accounts

As a result, they are incapable of utilizing this account to conduct electronic transfers. This prevents them from selling products, and this left a gap in the market for international based businesses to exploit.

The National Bankcard System changed all that. National Bankcard tied up with eCom Merchant Solutions to provide multi-currency payment processing with international merchant accounts. This made the process of getting an international merchant account much easier for most offshore online businesses.

Other features come with an international merchant account. These include e-commerce software like the shopping cart, inventory management, and fraud screening.


The internet is the best place to find an international account provider for your business. Check out the various deals that merchant service firms have to offer. Here are a few things to consider out for –

• Choose an account that suits your business needs.

• Most account providers charge high startup fees as a guarantee of partnership.

• Each provider has different services and uses different software. Check all of them out and weigh them.

• Check the contracts and terms before signing up.

• Check the legislation governing your type of business.

• The political stability of your targeted region.

• Banks that are willing to support your financial transactions.

The fact that you can tap the potential of a global audience is not the only benefit of these accounts.

• It enables a business to conduct banking globally.

• Once you have one of these accounts, the offshore banking rules change. They are less and more lenient.

• Your business will also have more relaxed account application policies and processing conditions.

• The webmaster does not need a corporate license is not required to setup a website.

• I.M accounts have cost management and fraud detection software among others.

The I.M account provider charge fees for processing payments. They accept and process payments through debit cards, credit cards, PDAs and mobile phones. The virtual terminal feature that is provided means that a business can conduct transactions 24×7. The business can be monitored through E-reporting and is protected with fraud detection and scam control software.

In conclusion, an International Merchant Account will help take your business to the next level i.e. global. There is also a high-risk account available which gives benefits like zero initial deposits, account security, reduced or zero taxes, quick payments, reliable payment gateway, e-commerce software like shopping cart and one click buy and a variety of other services.

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